I feel like life is cheating me. For the first time in National Football League history, my hometown Tampa Bay Buccaneers are playing in my hometown Raymond James Stadium for a hometown Superbowl ring, but my conscience is eating me.

Amidst last year’s headlines of lost lives, jobs, faiths and relationships, the despondency of one disillusioned sports fan is usually letter-to-the-editor fodder, if that. 2020 was so overall traumatic that one of the year’s funniest memes singled it out for time travelers as the year to avoid by all means necessary.

In a wide-ranging conversation about race and power, the Detroit MC calls for nuance and understanding — and an NFL players’ strike

Photo illustration; Source: Prince Williams/Getty Images

There’s an old parable that tells the story of six blind men examining an elephant. As the tale goes, each of them feels a different part of the pachyderm and then comes to his own conclusion as to the properties of the massive animal. A man touching the tusk compares the beast to a spear, while another flaps the elephant’s ear and concludes that it’s more like a fan. Another man patting its torso compares it to a wall. Of course, all six men are simultaneously right and wrong, hindered by the limits of their perspectives.

Adapting that idea for…

Gregory Johnson

Veteran hip-hop journalist, game designer, poet, MC and overall B-Boy

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